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Those Japanese Dramas - Whew!


Dammit, MegaVideo definately hates me. I was half-way through the final episode of Kamen Rider W when it cancels out on me. It always does that! I'm getting to the best part of the episode and then BOOM! It says I've watched the maximum minute limit. But that's beside the point. The whole point of this post is to rant about those crazy Japanese dramas I've seen so far.

Hana-Kimi - This was my first ever drama. Good times, but they left out a lot of scenes in the manga.

Ghost Friends -  Bawled my eyes out on the last episode. Poor Maki(?), it's not fair that Kaito(?) left to be with his bitch-of-a-girlfriend.

Delicious Gakuin - Still hunting down the episodes. I find it funny although a bit exaggerated. I guess it's the draw back of a Culinary student.

Himitsu no Hanazono - The ending made me face palm. But it was a good series either way.

Seigi no Mikata - Now this was funny as hell. I loved how the characters were portrayed, especially the elder sister. Man did I hate her guts. xD

Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata - My first ever Yanagi Kotaro drama. Good times, good times. I loved the characters in this one. They were very eccentric. And, damn! The boys were hot in this drama. xD

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan - This was a work of art. The fight scenes were very interesting and I loved Izumi's character.

Happy Boys - This series made me want to go to a Butler Cafe. Too bad there aren't any here in America! Why?!?!

Nodame Cantabile - The series sparked my love for classical music. I've been focusing more on classic on the piano than before. It made me happy how some of the pieces were played in here.

Tokyo Ghost Trip - I love the supernatural. This was practically calling to me. The ending was very anticlimatic though. That part threw me off.

Kamen Rider W - This was my very first Kamen Rider show. I intend on watching more but right now, I'm patiently waiting for MegaVideo to reload my minutes to watch the final episode. Once you get through the entire series, the 2nd to last episode will make you bawl your eyes out. I know I did. I woke my parents up too. ^_^U

Now I have a very important request to those who are reading this:
Someone help me watch 2Steps!, all 3 Cafe Daikanyama movies, Bishonen Celebrity Something-or-another, and Kamen Rider W A to Z, and the final Nodame movie. Please!

Thanks a bunch! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


^^; Haven't been watching much these days, so I can't say anything about these. ;A; But they sound awesome. :D That's for sure.
W A to Z has been... I think we've already subbed it at TVNihon. I've lost track. Check the tracker: http://tvnihon.com/tracker

2Steps!, I sadly cannot provide you with download links because the only comm I know of that has the links is a closed community and I actually do respect the "no sharing of links outside the comm" rule ^^;

Daikan'yama, I cannot for the life of me remember where I got these from.

... Bishonen Celebrity? Would that be Biyou Shounen Celebrity? The dorama with Masa in it?
Oh yeah, I just recently discovered Tv-Nihon's website last week. ^_^U I'm a smartie.

2Steps! - Yeah, I found that comm's links too. I do believe I've part of that comm, just can't remmeber which one it was. Ah, I'll figure it out later.

Oh! I found those already, probably should cross out the ones I found.

...So that's what it was called! One of the sites I go to call it Bishounen Celebrity. Thank you for the clear-up.