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Insanity At It's Finest

Be the Fruit Loop in a World of Cheerios

You can call me Waffles, Max, or Hikari. I'll answer to them all.

I love books. Books, books, books! I'd love to be a librarian, but I'm aiming for pedicatrics or forensic science... I;m a terrible speller too. Studying is really important to me, yet I procrastinate at every chance I get (like right now). I'm a proud Roman Catholic who is still stumbling through her faith but truely believes in God and prays every night.

I'm a pround Filipino. I love the Japanese culture as well as the Chinese. They fascinate me somehow. ^_^U Anime is my life! hibari icon Pictures, Images and Photos Lavi Icon Pictures, Images and Photos Mukuro Pictures, Images and Photos allen walker Pictures, Images and Photos I'm allergic to yaoi and shounen-ai... except for the Takumi-kun Series. It won my heart.

I'll be honest, I used to be a rabid Twi-hard. But not anymore, you know why? Because I really really really hate Twilight. You can even read my rant on Bella Swan. ANTI Twilight Stamp!!! Pictures, Images and Photos Dammit, they're not even vampires. They're frekaing faires that frolic through the Forbidden Forest... the Fork Forest who just happen to drink blood. Glitter is not hot. Watching someone sleeping is a bit creepy, especially if you're not married to them or related by blood. There are freaking plot holes, the main characters are mary sues, and Alice could've been a really badass character... Wait, I take that back, she still is a badass character. EDWARD IS AN ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND.