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Sep. 30th, 2010


Memory - Golden Birthday Mishaps

My 15th birthday was in July 15th, making it my golden. I was so excited that day that I barely even slept through the night. This was the birhday that would allow me to finally work up the courage to ask my parents to officially let me chat online (they have no clue that I even have this account). It was the day I could finally be able to type my fanfics as a way of spending the weekend instead of furiously 'studying' (yet I still manage to keep my straight As since 6th grade).

I should've known that it would be a bad day when I woke up to see my Roxas plushie on the ground face down.

First was that I got into an argument with my dad at the local outdoor gun range. That day was the 2st time I got to shoot a 9mm gun. It was an XD Springfield brand and it was amazing. (We soon bought one later in the month). But then we went to the rifle range.

Oh, shit. (they don't know I curse as well, so SHHHH!!) The worst curse word I can ever say is 'crap' and that's pushing it.

I didn't want to shoot the rifle. Simple as that, but noooooo. My dad soon got mad that I didn't even try to fire it. So, he used up all the rounds for the rifle we had and we left.

Second was that we went to an Asian buffet that we could only go to at least 3x a year for birthdays and other superly important events. (Each adult is at least $50 dollars, birthday people were free) My dad was driving and I soon fell asleep. Next thing I knew, we were pulled over by a cop for speeding.

My dad's 1st ticket. My mom and I still tease him about it. (He's so paranoid about speed limits now. xD)

Third was at the Asian buffet. I wanted to try eel sushi for the first time (Damn you, Tezuka Kunimitsu). It tasted like a good idea at first. Sure as hell didn't seem like one when we went home and I threw up in the bathroom.

I went to bed after a hot cup of green tea and thought one thing:

Weirdest birthday ever!

And then:

Shit, I forgot to ask about chatting online.

I decided to wait another year. ^_^U

So, what about you guys? Wanna share an interesting birthday event? If you'll excuse me, I need to finish answering my questions for the AP project due tomorrow.

Waffle Out!

Sep. 26th, 2010


Summer Homework Procrastination

I will never put off summer homework again.

Well, it was kinda worth it. I mean, I did get to watch a lot of Doramas. But looking back, maybe it wasn't exactly smart. I always kept telling myself, 'I'll start reading it in a min-YES! I found that episode of -insert drama- I was looking for.' ...Damn, now I really hate myself. I mean, I had 2 book reports to annotate on for English II Honors and AP World History. It was A Lesson Before Dying (which I had to copy from a friend, God bless him) and A History of the World in Six Glasses (glasses being the chapters/beverages beer, wine, spirit, coffee, tea, and coca-cola in order) respectively. I finally finished reading ALBD last friday (book was due Sept. 7) and I'm currently on chapter Wine in AHWSG.

It's due this Friday.

In 2nd Period.

At the beginning of class.

I had all the way up to May to start on it.

-head meets desk-

Not to mention, I have to make a frigging timeline on it! Plus, answer questions that in no way helps me understand it. Don't get me wrong, the book is really cool. IT'S JUST SO DAMN BORING! TTwTT

The questions, for example, are like this:
Standage wrote that 'beer was not invented but discovered'. Explain the reasoning behind this statement. Using this reasoning, evaluate the origins of the other five beverages as either 'discoveries' or 'inventions'.

WTF? How the hell does this work out? How does it even pertain (ohh, big word for me!) to world history? Then again, I can't exactly complain. I mean, I did procrastinate on it. Think you guys can help me with one question? Here it is:

Often times, a text is as important for what it does not say as it is for what it does say. Think about the many beverages that were left out and consider why Standage chose to leave water an milk out of the story.

Please help me~! I'm just a Sophomore!

Jun. 29th, 2010


Overdue Introduction

I've been on LiveJournal for almost a month now. The only thing I've ever posted was on May 1, my Twilight rant on Mary Sue Bella Swan.

So let's start with the basics:
Name - Eh, just call me Max or Hikari
Age - I'm in high school
Grade - look up
Location - Home
Gender - ♀
Race - Filipino
Future Career - Pediatrics or Chef

Advanced Crap Stuff
I love to read books
I live and breathe anime and manga
I loathe Twilight, but I will sadly admit I used to be a Twi-Hard for 2 years
I'm 'allergic' to Yaoi and Yuri
Raised a Catholic
Video games are the way to go
I'm also 'allergic' to homework, especially over the summer
I cosplay/crossplay
I adore music
I'm struggling with piano
I like watching Fringe, X-Files, Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI: Las Vegas, Hana Kimi, DD-Boys
Would like to learn Italian, Japanese, German, and re-learn Tagalog
Listens to Country (Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwoods, Big and Rich, Rascal Flatts), J-Pop (Kimeru, Abington Boys School, Kazuki Kato), and a bit of Alternative
I love going to the gun range with my dad
Dreams of visiting the Vatican City at least one in my life, Kyoto, Berlin, Rome, and Hong Kong
Used to be in the Math League, NJHS, and World of Wisdom for geography
Cries whenever she gets a C or lower on a test
I will do almost anything for my parents

Woah, that's a lot I typed. That's pretty much all I can think of to say. Um, I really like it here on LJ. It's a lot fun seeing what other people think. I'll accept almost all of my friend requests IF you give me a good reason from now on.

REMEMBER EVERYONE - Elmo knows where you live. o.0

May. 1st, 2010


My Rant On Bella Swan

Twi-Hards and Twi-haters, please listen up. After reading the series for the fifth time, I had my eyes opened. The only thing I liked about the books were a handful of characters and the fact that every plot was because someone(s) did something stupid! XD But anyway, this rant is about Bella being an Anti Sue. What is an Anti Sue you ask?

Anti Sues are most often overlooked as normal. He/She has all the bad points, but the writer has forgotten to give them any good points that would add depth to their character. There's no long journey to redeem oneself, no difficulty in changing their personality - the plot and other characters do all the work for them, giving us an character without the benefit of the hero's journey.

Most of that was from a website I saw that had a list of Mary Sue traits. I was bored one day and decided to look up Mary Sue traits. Don't you DARE accuse me of basing my Twilight belief on a website. I'm smarter than that, they helped me point out the flaws in the book. But we're getting off the subject.

Bella treats her Dad like crap (poor guy). Her "clumsiness flaw" is a common non-flaw that is supposed to stop characters from being a Sue. Actually, it is a trademark of one. I noticed how she describes herself with very pretty adjectives like "ivory skinned" and "soft, yet slender". Yet the thing that bugs me is that she supposedly has no idea she's a bit attractive.

She also tends to judge people on their looks. Granted, everyone, even I , do that sometimes but hear me out first. Remember when that Amazonian Vampire said she'd protect the Cullens? Yeah? Well, Swan/Cullen/Sue says she doesn't fully trust her due to her 'wild looks', which frightens her. Really Bells, must you be so difficult?! She promised she'd protect the Cullens! Carlisle trusts her enough to hang around, so that must have at least some merit! Plus, that Amazon Vampire was the most helpful and the kindest one to bella of all the foreigners. Apparently, beauty is equals a good soul. Example, Bella said James was an average-looking guy and was evil. But the Cullens! Oh, they're so gorgeous that they could make the Goddess of Love go green with Envy. But then again, Bella called the Volturi beautiful too. But then again, Edward points out that the Volturi aren't exactly evil.

What I hate the most is the fact that she gave up her entire humanity just for Edward. During New Moon, she was in a practically comatose state! Just because one guy dumped her! Okay, sure, he was her first boyfriends but still! That's overacting! And don't even get me started on how obsessed she is with Edward. My friend had said this, "Cut out any sentence paying tribute to Edward's godly, Adonis-like figure, and you'll lose maybe more than a third of each book. Even New Moon, which he was only in half of." I salute him for that.

Mike Newton, Eric Yorkie, and Tyler Crowley fawn over Bella. But she rejects them like a cat rejecting water. (Terrible comparison, I know. But most cats hate water, right?) Either human males aren't good enough for Bella, or she's just THAT socially inept just to go after only Edward, or she's just plain obsessive. Ben was the only smart one there. Good boy Ben, stay loyal to Angela!

Dear God, don't even get me started on talking about Bella and Edward's wedding/honeymoon! XP

Bella also gets out of school for the rest of the day because she's hurt. Really? Because she's hurt? What if I scrapped my knee at school, will I go home? Okay, granted, I don't remember what injury she got, but still. Okay okay, Edward probably had a part in the sending home thing but really? Going home over an injury? If that's the case, I wanna go to Forks High school.

I also hate the fact that it took Bella three books to stop thinking along the lines of "I can't believe a guy like you would notice me!" Dear God, woman! If he didn't notice you, then he wouldn't have hooked up with you!

Ah and don't forget Bella's "OMG! I don't wanna grow old!" BS Bella, Esme is older then Carlisle and they're freaking fine with it. Honestly, what's a few years of physical age going to do to you? Edward's 104 years give or take older than you. So suck it up and wait a few weeks. It ain't gonna kill ya!

In the movie, Bella had to research on vampires and legends. Then when people get 'mauled by animals in the forest', she goes off into the forest with Edward. She doesn't even tell anyone where they're going! And this is the part where she tells him that she knows the big secret. But, then again, sparklpire did save her life... twice...

I'm curious, everyone. What hobbies do Bella and Edward share? What else do they have in common? What sort of conversations do they have that doesn't involve vampires, Bella, Jacob Black, werewolves, and etc. etc.? No really, I'm asking you.

Okay, my rant has ended. Please feel free to comment or whatever. I have freedom of speech so you guys can't say that I can't post this...I think.

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