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Thank You Sra. Lewman!

I knew taking Spanish class would be a good thing. Not only is it close to Tagalog (attempting to relearn the language), but it can be used in daily life. Like:

-Knowing that the girls behind you think you're fat
-Knowing that people around you are talking about a fight happening in school
-Understanding that you can insult the French kids without them knowing what your saying
-Being able to translate subtitles in dramas, songs, and movies. :DDDD

I'm only in my 1st year of Spanish, but I think I'm doing pretty well.

Now I'm off to put my lessons to the test! First stop,
Edit - I take it all back! I need another year in Spanish. TTwTT
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Which is why it's so fun knowing how to speak a language that isn't international. Ohhh, how fun it is pagtawanan yung mga Kano... (Yeah, I'm racist. Only against them, though XD)
I really wanna relearn Tagalog now. Don't get me wrong, I understand why American school are required to learn a foreign language (actually no I don't).

You have no idea how hard it was to make up a story on how and where I got your words from. I asked my parents to translate and they flipped. ^_^U It's all good now.
Ahaha, sorry. Are you born and raised in the States?
It's fine. Actually, I just got my citizenship 2 years ago. Left Philippines when I was 4. My parents and I lived with my step-grandfather who didn't know the language.After that, I just stop speaking in Tagalog.

I can understand basic words,but I'm better at listening.