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I Love My iPod Classic Right Now

I went over through my videos and thought, 'Hey, I'll listen to some PureBoys PVs.'

My love for the group is now rekindled. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Excuse me while I go hunt down PureBoys info on LJ right now.


I can provide you with that for the first ten PureBOYS (original 7 + Yuuichi + Hiromi + Nagaoka). :D But I specialize in Takiguchi and Hiromi. Katou Keisuke and Ba-chon to some extent as well. And a bit of Kouhei. *sigh* After Hiromi and Ba-chon graduated from the group, I started to lose interest. :( MY FAVORITES HAVE ALL LEFT. First Takiguchi & Keisuke, then Ba-chon & Hiromi!! TT__________TT
I was hung up on the first ten too. I always thought they stayed together until I joined some of the comms. When they said that a large majority left, I was all 'o.O'.