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It's Not Even 'Have a Bad Day' Day Yet!

So as most of you know, today is Coming Out of the Closet Day. Sadly, I'm homophobic. At the same time, I somewhat support Gay Rights. Thus, I decided to wear the colors of the rainbow today in school.

Damn my luck.

I wore a bright orange polo shirt with a red bow tie (along with my simple wooden cross necklace), black plaid capris, red and blue hair ties around my neck, and knee-high socks that have green-blue strips with purple, pink, white stars of various sizes. The shoes I wore were like patches or green, gray, and pink. I looked like I came out of the freaking closet with my eyes closed when I chose my outfit.

I freaking loved it.

My friends didn't.

Well shit.

I got called that one Chinese girl in the latest Karate Kid movie, so my friend placed my hair in front pigtails to match her perfectly. (Except my glasses kinda ruined the look). I got various yells that Wacky-Tacky Day wasn't today but in 2 weeks. I got called a freak. I nearly tripped down the stairs. I stepped in gum. I took down the pigtails because they were annoying me. I had the worst tummy ache during Culinary class.

Warning to everyone: Do not eat cafeteria mac & cheese with potato fries dipped in sweet and sour sauce followed by  a cookie and washed down with milk.

Is this what I get for wearing what I want to on a unknown holiday I barely like?


:( ...geesh. Where exactly IS this? Southern states of the USA? What the hell...what happened to the USA's more "open-minded school system", anyhow? DDD< -is angry on your behalf-

Some people are just damn insensitive and indifferent and close-minded, alright. And no, you aren't homophobic in that sense. It's just that yaoi isn't a favorite thing to look at as fanservice. :/
Why yes, it is in the Southern states. :D

It's alright now though. People are said today that I'm dressed better now. Bunch of buttmunchers they are.